May 23, 2024


Don't Mess With Baby

6 Easy ways to organise your baby clothes

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Organise baby clothes

As a new parent having a baby, you may struggle with the mess of baby clothes invading your life. Having new baby clothes for the wrong season, clothes with stains, clothes that fit, clothes that are big and small – it is tempting to throw all of them in the dresser. Below are methods you can use to keep the clothes organised and sorted.

Create The Baby Clothes Pile By Size

Organise your baby’s clothes based on the size of the clothes you have. Start by separating the clothes based on size and put them in piles to make the organizing process mother. After arranging the clothes by size, you can either fold them or hang them.

Stash Away Older Sizes

Your baby is not going to wear all the clothes right away. Therefore, if you have limited closet space and want to be conservative, consider stashing away the older sizes. If they are boys pyjamas that are older sizes for your baby, pack them up and store them for future use.

Label the Storage Bins

While organising the baby clothes, label storage bins. Thus, when your child outgrows onesies and needs fitting clothes, you know where to find them. This system will assist you in accessing your baby’s clothes easily while remaining organised at the same time.

Purge Your Baby’s Clothes After a Certain Duration of Time

Manufacturers usually size most baby clothes in increments of 3 Months. They start from newborn and keep on increasing with three months. The great idea is to clean the baby’s clothes every three months. Collect all your child’s clothes and separate them into three sizes. That is:

  •  Clothes that do not fit
  •  Clothes not worn because of stains or simply do not wear

With this, you may find out that there are many clothes that your baby does not wear. Especially, if you sort out the clothes based on the size of a certain duration, like every three months 

Store or Donate Clothes that You are Not Using

After sorting out the baby piles, figure out what you will do about the clothes your baby does not wear. There are several options you can consider, such as:

  •  Passing them along to family and friends
  •  Save them for future children

Set Zones and Maximise the Closet

After separating the clothes, you will need somewhere to place them. Start by setting up zones and deciding where you want to put everything. For example, boys pyjamas and pants can go in the dresser, whereas you can put onesies in the closet. Try creating an inventory for your baby’s clothes to help you decide where you want each cloth item to go.

A great tip when arranging your dresser is organising based on priority from top to bottom, whereby the top is the most used clothes, and at the bottom, you place the rarely used items. To maximise the dresser storage, consider adding space dividers to your drawers. The space dividers will also help the clothes be separated and remain organised.

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