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Cornstarch for diaper rash

There are health professionals who opine from cornstarch, baby powders, or any other kind of powders on a baby’s skin. In its place, they advise lubricating emollients for diaper rashes. On the other hand, numerous mom and dad swear by the effectiveness of the healing abilities of cornstarch.


Experts attempt to make clear this contradicting watch on cornstarch by attempting to draw your awareness to the rationale behind the diaper rash. As you know, diaper rashes are commonly brought on because of to a mixture of wetness, friction, much too tiny air, and sometimes irritants (external solutions that arrive in contact with your baby’s pores and skin, like wipes, tub products, and so on.) as effectively. There are diverse kinds of diaper rashes –


  • Chafing (most prevalent sort)
  • Yeast
  • Intertrigo (crimson spot that oozes)
  • Impetigo (bacterial infection)
  • Eczema

If your baby’s diaper rash is caused due to chafing (induced by friction), then cornstarch is the most effective. Cornstarch currently being silky in texture not only minimizes friction among the pores and skin and diaper, but also shields the pores and skin.


In circumstance of intertrigo, where by the rash oozes out, cornstarch – which is also a drying agent – is in fact suggested.


As far as applying cornstarch on diaper rashes caused by yeast is worried, there are notions that it might irritate it even more. Nonetheless, it is NOT legitimate.


According to a analyze performed by J.J.Leyden in 1984, it was discovered that cornstarch does not enhance the advancement of yeast on pores and skin as an alternative it functions as a defend in opposition to accidents that could be triggered by friction on the affected spot of the pores and skin.


Cornstarch has been demonstrated to decrease frictional rashes (yeast-contaminated skin is red and sore) experimentally induced in volunteers.


Amid the other good reasons driving the attractiveness of cornstarch are that it is effortlessly available, purely natural, and charge successful. Nonetheless, if cornstarch or other household therapies for diaper rashes do not seem to operate, check out your pediatrician.


Take note:

  • Use cornstarch sparingly
  • Guarantee that you keep it away from your baby’s experience
  • Use 100% pure cornstarch
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