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Book One of the South’s Haunted Hotels or for Halloween Weekend

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Book One of the South's Haunted Hotels or for Halloween Weekend

Is your family looking for something unique to do for Halloween weekend, maybe searching for a haunted place to spend the night? These haunted vacation rentals, cabins, and hotels might be just the thing for your family. That makes these haunted rentals and experiences perfect for Halloween 2022.

Our list includes haunted hotels where you can book a room in Greenville as well as famously haunted hotels and vacation rentals you can book in Tennessee, Georgia, and around South Carolina.

This article includes:
Haunted Places to Stay Near Greenville, SC
Haunted Hotel in Chattanooga, TN
Haunted Places to Spend the Night in Savannah, GA
Haunted Hotels in Atlanta, GA
Haunted Places in Charleston, SC

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Haunted Places to Stay Near Greenville, SC

Halloween is coming up. If excitement and adventures are more suited to your family than cartoon character costumes and mountains of candy, perhaps a weekend stay at one of these (allegedly) haunted accommodations is perfect! 

Annie’s Inn Bed & Breakfast – Aiken, South Carolina  

Annie’s Inn was once a hospital, and the main ghost of the residence is one of a little girl who roams the halls looking for her mother.  People have reported hearing the girl’s voice calling for her mother, only to see no one there.

Embassy Suites – Greenville, South Carolina
The Embassy Suites hotel is new, and while there have been no ghost sightings, there have been other unusual events. Usually, hauntings are associated with older buildings; however, bizarre things are going on in the hotel.

During construction, there were many reports of lights coming on despite the electricity not being wired yet. This phenomenon of unexplained lights continues, and guests report hearing the wailing coming from the walls. 

Shamrock House – Sunset, South Carolina

The resident spirit, Nancy, will separate the believers and the skeptics. Is that the sound of her crying or just the breaking of the floorboards beneath your feet? Only one way to find out. 

Regardless of what happens, you’re in for a memorable Halloween when you stay at the 3,500-square-foot lodge situated far away from noisy trick-or-treating. Plus, you’ll be staying where US president Lyndon B Johnson once stayed. 

Shamrock House VRBO
Shamrock House, Photo Credit: VRBO

Westin Poinsett – Greenville, South Carolina

A luxury hotel dating back to 1925, reports of hauntings include an elderly man appearing unannounced in guest rooms before vanishing, and a ghost peering out of windows on the third floor. Who is he? Book a stay at the Westin Poinsett this Halloween and see if you can find out.

The Belmont Inn– Abbeville, SC

Reportedly the home of 2 ghostly figures, guests say you may run into a ghost named Abraham on the ground floor. The second figure is an unnamed Scottsman reportedly seen on the main staircase. How do they know the second ghost is from Scotland? Or that the first ghost’s name is Abraham? Perhaps you’d better book a room this Halloween and ask them yourself.

Haunted Places to Stay and Things to Do for a Spooky Weekend Away

While some places seem to be more haunted than others, the South has seen a lot of tragedy that lends itself to hauntings. If you are looking for a weekend away, there are one-tank trip destinations that you can enjoy the weekend exploring. 

Haunted Places to Stay in Chattanooga, TN

Read House Hotel – Chattanooga, Tennessee

This historic hotel hid a delightful surprise that we discovered after our arrival. Read our review for all the details about this haunted hotel and our time in Chattanooga. 

There is no shortage of ghost stories in Chattanooga! You can take a self-guided tour to the locations listed as some of Chattanooga’s Most Haunted Places.

Read House Hotel

If you’re visiting Chattanooga, don’t forget to check our Travel Guide to Vacationing in Chattanooga, TN.

Haunted Places to Stay in Savannah, GA

The Marshall House– Savannah Georgia

Tales of hauntings abound at the Marshall House, formerly a hospital during the Civil War and through yellow fever epidemics. Widely recognized as a haunted place, it’s featured on haunted tours of Savannah and even on haunted travel-themed shows on the Travel Channel.

Marshall House, Photo Credit:

Laura’s Cottage – Savannah, Georgia

This quaint 1,000-square-foot cottage that dates to 1799 served as a filming location for Robert Redford’s 2010 crime drama, “The Conspirator.” The former resident, Laura, who called the cottage home for 50 years, is often blamed for unexplained events. People report seeing the opening and shutting of windows, flickering of lights, and the smell of burning wood without fire lit or an obvious source.

Are you looking for more spirited fun on your trip? Book a tour provided by local experts for the perfect weekend. 

Fraidy Cat Haunted History & Ghost Walk  – Savannah, GA
Join a fun, spooky family-friendly stroll through gorgeous Savannah. Always fact-based, using first-hand historical accounts, you will hear details of the creepy locations and fascinating ghosts that make Savanah the most haunted city in the US. Discover Savannah’s many secrets, stroll creepy parks, view haunted antebellum mansions, and find Savannah’s hidden burial grounds – places few locals know about or ever see.

Learn why Savannah is haunted, about our most famous ghosts, and our curious history. 

They offer smaller tour sizes for a more friendly, intimate experience.

Haunted Places to Stay in Atlanta, GA

Ellis Hotel – Atlanta, Georgia

Formerly the Winecoff Hotel, this was the sight of the deadliest hotel fire in US history. Like the famous “Unsinkable” Titanic, this hotel was branded as fireproof when built in 1913. However, nearly every feature of the hotel lent itself to feeding the flames or trapping people. Over 100 people, including the original owners, died that day. Current day guests report seeing terrified apparitions running through the halls, screaming, and the fire alarm all going off at around the time the fire broke out that day in 1946.

Stillwell House: Haunted Happenings – Stone Mountain, Georgia

Experience an evening of chills & thrills on Stillwell’s From the Grave and Beyond Haunted Tour. Guests will participate for 1 hour at The Historic Stillwell House. The tour will engage guests with information about the house, including its original homeowners, history as a civil war hospital, and the spooky personal experiences of many who have walked through its doors.

The Stillwell House is also a bed and breakfast and rooms can be booked.

Heading to Georgia? Here’s our Travel Guide to Georgia. It’s full of things to do, towns to explore, and not-to-miss adventures to help you plan your trip.

Haunted Places to Stay Near Charleston, SC

Embassy Suites Charleston Historic District– Charleston, South Carolina

The Embassy Suites in Charleston’s historic district is designated as a Civil War monument. It is said to be frequented by ghosts of former soldiers, who feel entitled to the hotel’s many amenities including corner suites with jacuzzi tubs.

Francis Marion Hotel- Charleston, South Carolina

A heartbroken man is the ghost of this Charleston hotel. He lept to his death when his love story didn’t work out the way he’d planned. Rumor has it he likes to open windows in the hotel and is sometimes seen as a crying ghostly figure in the hall.

Francic Marion haunted hotel lobby
Francis Marion Hotel, Photo Credit:

1837 Bed & Breakfast – Charleston, South Carolina

When you book a room at the 1837 B&B, you need to leave room for George. He’s the friendly resident ghost and his antics are well documented on the internet. One review on a booking site exclaims, “I Got The Ghost Room!”. The hotel assures us that George is friendly, though. 

The Pelican Inn – Pawley’s Island, South Carolina 

If you’ve lived in the Carolinas long enough, you will have heard of the Gray Man. It’s said that if you see the apparition of a man when a hurricane is approaching, take heed and evacuate immediately. The legend indicates that those who listen and leave usually have all of their worldly possessions spared from the storm. The Gray man frequents the Inn area and has saved the property from two major hurricanes when others weren’t as lucky. 

Pawley’s Island

Visiting Charleston? Here’s our giant Travel Guide to Exploring Around Charleston, SC with things to do, places to stay, and more!

How will you spend Halloween this year?

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