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Don't Mess With Baby

“Don’t Drop the Baby”: Parenting in The L Word: Generation Q, S3E4

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“Don't Drop the Baby”: Parenting in The L Word: Generation Q, S3E4

The fourth episode of this season’s The L Term: Technology Q centered a joyous search at transgender, nonbinary mother and father and their youngsters, talked over LGBTQ parental names, which I’ve been amassing for above a ten years, and described the cafe of a queer chef who has a photo ebook about her. Here’s my parenting-concentrated recap!

Photo credit: Nicole Wilder/SHOWTIME
Photo credit rating: Nicole Wilder/SHOWTIME

Spoilers ahead.

Advocate vs. Avocado

Potential moms and dads Micah (Leo Sheng) and Maribel (Jillian Mercado) are finding all set to go to the Halloween occasion of 1 of Maribel’s co-workers and their husband or wife. Maribel rolls into the home in an avocado costume, but Micah … is not thrilled. “We’re about to meet the only trans, non-binary mom and dad that we know,” he explains. He doesn’t want to be dressed as an avocado while he’s inquiring issues about life insurance policy.

Irrespective of Maribel’s urging that “I have to have one more fifty percent,” Micah’s just far too focused on Finding. All. The. Parenting. Facts. We all know anyone like that, I suspect (and may well be that person ourselves), so we definitely shouldn’t fault him, even if we want to convey to him to lighten up.

At the party, there are a bunch of kids managing all over, 1 of whom instantly vomits onto Micah’s footwear. He swears, and Maribel chides him. I have to say, possessing to end myself from swearing in front of my child was just one of the toughest factors about turning out to be a mum or dad at a reasonably late age. It intended a lot of brief transitions into other terms: “Aww … fudgesicles!”

Micah bursts into apologies as 1 of the child’s dad and mom seems. Maribel introduces them as Reese (Armand Fields), and I have to question if this is not a nod to Trystan Reese, founder of The Trans Fertility Venture and author of How We Do Family members: From Adoption to Trans Pregnancy, What We Learned about Really like and LGBTQ Parenthood.

Reese’s associate, nonetheless, is the massive shock. He’s Max (Daniel Sea), from the first L Word!  Although Max was one of several trans characters on tv at the time, his storylines ended up normally othering, with harmful stereotypes. The LW:GQ resourceful staff, however, now reveals Max as a loving mum or dad in a steady relationship, passing on parenting knowledge to a different trans dad or mum.

As Drew Burnett Gregory writes in an job interview with Sea at Autostraddle, “Max is having a pleased ending. And it’s going on in an episode that has a nonbinary director and a nonbinary author [Em Weinstein and Nova Cypress Black]. This just one correction, this 1 apology, this one particular episode is not almost everything. But it is a little something.”

Sea by themselves mentioned of Max, “I just feel he’s a wonderful male and I enjoy to see him happy with a lovable kid.” (I am next Sea’s pronoun use for Max.)

Later on, Max is telling Micah about how they started out their family members. Max carried their initial youngster, from when “I was relationship this gay cis man, and he turned out to be the worst.” Which is a reference to the terrible storyline in the initial clearly show that still left Max expecting and deserted.

“Our center two are from my very first marriage. The monotonous aged hetero way,” Reese tells them, and Max provides, “And then we adopted Phoenix from foster treatment last calendar year.”

By Any Other Name

Reese also shares that “I’m Dama and Max is Nibi,” and Max explains, “We just form of figured, you know, ‘dad’ is just a seem. I indicate, the meaning is thoroughly produced up.” I like this instance of the creative imagination of LGBTQ parental names, which I’ve been gathering in my very own small project for in excess of a decade. (It’s now up to almost 400 entries! Remember to add yours!)

Reese agrees and Max wax poetic about how therapy served them work by means of some difficulties and be improved dad and mom. Reese points out, “So a lot pops up, so it’s just so substantially a lot easier if you have the exact same shared guiding rules.”

“Oh, we have a person. ‘Don’t drop the infant,’” Maribel suggests. Which is an great put to start—but she’s evidently not as eager on the strategy of therapy as Micah, who’s been in therapy as a therapist himself. I can virtually ensure they’ll have a long term argument about this. I concur with Reese here, though, on the relevance of guiding principles, therapist or no. I’ve long advised that the initially thing a couple really should do on the journey to parenthood is converse with every single other about their values and own childhood activities.

Micah insists he will not drop the baby, then hesitates: “No, what occurs if we do?” Max and Reese guarantee him that they are typically all right. Let’s have a round of applause in this article for actor Leo Sheng, enjoying Micah with sweet bumbling earnestness.

Afterwards, Maribel is all set to depart, but Micah protests that he has a lot more questions, and he just cannot just Google them as Maribel implies. He has a position, in that much queer parenting wisdom has been and still is passed through phrase of mouth—and facts about trans parenting is significantly scarce (which Trystan Reese’s get the job done is trying to treatment).

Knowledge from One particular Who Understands

Micah awkwardly asks Max if he can inquire some much more issues. “I know that we really don’t seriously know just about every other, but…” he starts.

Max cuts in. “It’s special, this,” he suggests. Micah agrees.

“I indicate, it is for me, way too,” Max adds, conveying, “‘Cause I’m the just one who will get to inform you how good it is gonna be. Your complete existence. You get to reinvent every thing for yourself and be your own kind of mum or dad and your very own sort of person. Yeah, I’m energized for you.”

“You get to reinvent almost everything for you and be your individual kind of mother or father and your individual form of person.”

I absolutely appreciate that. So a lot about LGBTQ parenting and lives, and specifically, I believe, trans ones, has been framed as battle and obstacle. There is, on the other hand, also pleasure and chance, and the show’s writers seize that beautifully listed here. (As a cis particular person, I go away it to trans and nonbinary folx to assess the all round portrayal of trans and nonbinary figures on the exhibit all I can say is that I feel there’s some knowledge for all LGBTQ moms and dads in this article, as well.)

Micah however has issues, like how do you know when to adjust a diaper. Max starts to answer, then restarts. “Can I notify you something that I desire I’d have recognised?”

“Anything. Make sure you,” Micah begs.

“Just really don’t fail to remember to have entertaining, way too.”

Max for the win all over again. Irrespective of the wealth of parenting facts shops right now, the actuality is that people have been parenting for millennia without this sort of assets. There is no a person way your boy or girl will enable you know when they want something no just one palette to paint your nursery to make sure your kid will get into a very good college. For the most component, I consider mothers and fathers really should spend time finding out about their distinct little one, somewhat than hoping also challenging to determine out the one particular objectively “right” way to do anything (which usually does not exist). Loosen up and have entertaining, and that spirit will rub off on your child, also.

Micah’s still discovering. He asks Max, “This just one appears stupid, but I’m truly fearful. Like, what if the kid is weird?” Max laughs, and the scene ends. Just as perfectly all children (and all human beings) are a small strange in our have techniques. Micah demands to master to roll with it.

At last, he goes dwelling to Maribel, dons his half of the avocado costume, and admits, “It should really be enjoyable.” She apologizes for staying a ache in the ass. Someway, I have far more faith in them as long term parents now.

And the Rest

In a second storyline, Shane is generating out with Ivy in Ivy’s vehicle. They change as if to get into the back seat—but there is a kid seat there. “I should really move that,” Ivy observes. It is a hilarious second that reminds us we really do not drop our complete selves, including our sexual selves, when we turn into mother and father. We just have to once in a while make accommodations. Of study course, Shane is cheating on Tess with Ivy, so we just can’t get way too excited about this—but the vehicle seat instant was humorous.

Photo credit: Nicole Wilder/SHOWTIME
Photo credit score: Nicole Wilder/SHOWTIME

Speaking of Tess, she’s still caring for her mother, who has dementia. Tess is evidently having difficulties to equilibrium this and her romantic relationship with Shane. As Tess is sitting down at the kitchen area desk supervising her mom as she eats, Shane asks her, “Are you good with n/naka?” The reference is to n/naka, the two-Michelin star Los Angeles restaurant owned by queer chef and restaurateur Niki Nakayama. It’s a good minimal queer inside reference, but also indicates just how out of synch Shane and Tess are. Shane wants to go out to try to eat at unique places to eat Tess is centered on making absolutely sure her mother eats devoid of spilling her meals. Reward exciting reality: Nakayama was the matter of the pleasant 2021 image e-book Niki Nakayama: A Chef’s Tale in 13 Bites.

Niki Nakayama: A Chef's Tale in 13 Bites

Tess’ mother, in a minute of clarity, at last states she wishes to go dwell in a nursing home. Tess resists, but ultimately presents in. I wrote final week about caring for elderly parents, so I’ll refer you back again to that for additional. It’s a poignant storyline that serves as a counterpoint to some of the far more frivolous drama on the demonstrate. As an individual with mothers and fathers and moms and dads-in-legislation who have had many amounts of elder care, I am glad to see this represented.

The trailer for the coming episode exhibits Maribel and Micah picking out sperm. “Wacky antics in search of sperm” has been a lengthy-working trope on television, so I hope they obtain a way to continue to keep this clean but reliable. I’ll be here to comment on it in any scenario!

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