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Elf on the Shelf Rules (Free Printable) for Easy Planning!

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Two elves sitting with Elf on the Shelf Rules printable

If you have elves that go to your household close to the vacation (or you’re thinking of starting off this tradition), introducing the Elf on the Shelf principles is a single of the initial methods.

You can make up your very own elf principles, but if you abide by the Elf on the Shelf reserve there are some specific ones mentioned. Nevertheless, the excellent factor about this enjoyable holiday getaway custom is that you can really make it your personal!

For an effortless way to introduce the guidelines of elf to your youngsters, scroll down to get the Free Elf on the Shelf procedures printable. Examine on for much more information about all of it!

Two elves sitting with Elf on the Shelf Rules printable


In case you’re new to this, Elf on the Shelf is a holiday getaway tradition wherever Santa Claus sends scout elves down to earth to maintain an eye on all the children when he’s chaotic receiving points prepared for Christmas.

There are some principles involved with the Elf and his/her magic, but it is also important to remember that this is also a custom that is adaptable and you can use it in any way that is effective best for your spouse and children!

If you’re hunting for ideas for your elf, test out our 50+ Straightforward Elf on the Shelf tips!


When you purchase an Elf on the Shelf, you get a scout elf and a storybook that clarifies the elf to your child. The ebook outlines who the elf is and why they’re going to your property. In the tale, the guide also outlines the Elf on the Shelf rules that your youngsters must observe all through their elf’s go to.

Some folks stick to the reserve strictly although other folks do their individual thing. We use the simple elf guidelines and the Elf on the Shelf (some people even obtain a various elf) but we never actually have elves that lead to any mischief.

In the past, they have just concealed each and every day. This 12 months I system to use them as type of an advent calendar with them bringing a little treat to the youngsters each and every day.

There are a variety of Elf on the Shelf elves to decide on from!


The Elf on the Shelf has a few official principles that most households abide by. The regulations are outlined in the storybook.

  1. Do not touch the elf
  2. Elves simply cannot discuss, but they can pay attention
  3. Your family’s elf ought to return to the North Pole on Christmas Eve. 

If the elf will get touched, they’ll drop their magic and will not be in a position to fly back to the North Pole to report again to Santa. This is the major a person that can make life simpler for us as mom and dad.

Your children can discuss to their elf and allow them know what they want for Christmas. Their elf can acquire their messages again to Santa each individual evening.

When your little ones go to mattress that night time, their elf will fly again to the North Pole until subsequent Xmas.

If you’re continue to figuring out how this full point works, there are a several Elf principles to assistance out mothers and fathers:

  • Each individual elf wants a title. Your young children will will need to name their elf when it comes property. Let them have fun with this! Our children each have their very own elf so they named them, but if your family members only has a single elf, make it a spouse and children action!
  • There is no set day for the elf to arrive. Your elf can get there at any time in between Thanksgiving and the to start with week of December. It is up to you! We’ve had ours arrive the working day following Thanksgiving just before but we have also experienced them arrive on December 1st. This year we’re rolling with December 1st due to the fact we’re executing an arrival-type tactic.
  • You are going to require to transfer your elf each individual night time. If you strategy on moving your elf just about every working day, this is normally the most difficult portion of the custom. Established an alarm on your cell phone to remind you to shift the elf so you really don’t fail to remember!

We’re not shifting our elves this yr, but I’ll however require to established a reminder to get out the goodies right before the children are up!

Elf sitting on mantle with Elf on the Shelf rules sheet


If you want your very own principles cheat sheet, print the Elf on the Shelf printable procedures beneath and hold them useful!



  • Have your elf convey a copy. Area this printable subsequent to your elf when he arrives as a great way to remind your boy or girl of the policies. 
  • Dangle the regulations on your fridge. Or keep them in one more notable location in your house so everyone can see them quickly and remember the elf guidelines!
  • Frame the principles and use them as a Xmas decoration. Insert the Elf on the Shelf guidelines to the relaxation of your holiday décor by inserting it in a body. You can print the printable in any measurement that you’d like!

If you need more printables, you can also get free of charge printable Elf on the Shelf letters for arrival and goodbye.

Elf on the shelf dressed as a pirate sitting on fireplace mantle


Kids are not allowed to contact the scout elves. The elves are incredibly fragile and if human children contact them, they lose their magic and their potential to converse with Santa!

Now, permit me be authentic for a second, if your child does tough the elf, it’s all in how you cope with issues.

If it was completed on goal, you can have the elf continue to be at the North Pole for a working day to have their magic fastened.

You can also do some simple things to do to assistance your little one recover (because they will possibly be upset):

  • Publish an apology take note to Santa.
  • Sing a Xmas carol jointly.
  • Say sorry to the Elf.
  • Sprinkle cinnamon around the Elf before likely to mattress. (Demonstrate it’s like vitamins for elves.)
  • Put the elf in the freezer to recover (chilly like the North Pole).
  • Sprinkle glitter on the elf in advance of bed.
  • Leave the elf beneath the tree (Xmas trees are magical, appropriate?)

The most significant point to recall about the Elf on the Shelf is that it is your family’s tradition. Really do not be fearful to make it your own.

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