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Giveaway on Instagram & a few hours left to download the eBooks! : Maltamum

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Giveaway on Instagram & a few hours left to download the eBooks! : Maltamum

Hi once more 🙂 ,

There’s a giveaway ideal now on Instagram hosted by instructor Wyatt, a language teacher with the account @froggyreadteach, and a person of you can gain a paperback copy of my new book! All the details can be found in this article!
You can also stick to her on Facebook here.

Also, do not forget about that you can nevertheless down load on Amazon for cost-free all the bilingual editions of my new ebook “Nelly’s Box” till midnight United states time on the 18th of August /about 09:00CET on the 19th of August. Languages: English, Arabic, Dutch, French, German, Greek, Italian, Portuguese (Portugal), Portuguese (Brazil), Spanish, Ukrainian.

Thank you so substantially for all your guidance, for sending me your incredibly to start with ebook order images, and for composing this sort of thoughtful evaluations. I’m sharing with you underneath some of the very first evaluations that have been posted under the distinctive editions. As my instructor mate Yoshito Darmon-Shimamori from https://www.library4multilinguals.com/ wrote on his Fb profile, it does make a huge change to the visibility of the e-book on the huge Amazon platform, even if you just depart a score after downloading the E-book for free.

I desire you all a charming day and a fantastic back-to-faculty encounter shortly. Our youngsters began faculty today, and our youngest, Nelly, just started out as a 1st grader :).

Many thanks once again for every thing!

//Elisavet (or just Liza).

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