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How to Renovate Your New Welsh House to Feel Like Home: A Guide

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How to Renovate Your New Welsh House to Feel Like Home: A Guide

If you’ve recently bought a new property in Wales, you may be interested in ways of renovating it to make it truly feel like your home. Here are some simple things you can do to get started at putting your own stamp on it.

Get New Carpets

If at all possible, one of the first things you want to be doing after having just moved into a house is to change the carpets. It’s even easier if you are allowed access to the house before you complete and move in, so it’s well worth asking if that’s a possibility. Change the carpets so that you can choose exactly what you want to have throughout your home. If you are unable to get new carpets then be sure to have them cleaned, as carpets can harbour all sorts of dirt and bacteria. You want to try and do this before you unpack too many belongings. Once cleaned, treat yourself to some new rugs to give it a homely feel.

Update the Bathroom

If your budget allows, you may want to update your bathroom or ensuite if you have one. A new, stylish bathroom is truly going to make the house feel like home. You may be thinking, how do I find plumbers near me? In which case take a look at to find a local plumber that can undertake the work of a new bathroom for you. If a new bathroom is not on the cards, then be sure to buy a new toilet seat, upgrade the taps and give it a lick of paint. You can even get stencils to update any plain tiles that might be in the bathroom.

Install a Wood Burning Stove

If you are lucky enough to have a working fireplace in your new house, there is nothing stopping you from installing a wood-burning stove. Be sure to have the chimney swept first and have one installed by a professional who can give you all the necessary certifications. There is nothing cosier and more welcoming than having a roaring fire going through the autumn and winter. It is easy to maintain and use and offers that instant homely feel. It makes for a great focal point in the room other than the television. It can be a great energy saver too, meaning you have to use less energy on heating your home through the colder months.

Refresh the Kitchen

If you can’t get a new kitchen fitted, then an easy way to update and refresh it is to paint all the kitchen cupboards and change the handles. Painting cupboard doors is surprisingly easy, or you could even get vinyl wraps to cover the doors if you prefer. Changing kitchen cupboard handles is relatively easy to do and is very budget-friendly. It’s amazing what a difference it can make to the feel and look of a kitchen just by updating the handles.

In conclusion, whether you are able to do full-on bathroom renovation projects or are merely adding a lick of paint to various rooms in your new house, there is something to suit all budgets that will help make your new house in Wales feel like home.

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