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Kids’ Rhythm Instruments: Benefits for Autistic Children

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Rhythm or percussion instruments are any devices that you can shake, hit or scrape to make a sound.

Kids’ Rhythm Instruments Benefits for Autistic Children

These instruments need power, eye-hand coordination, and motor competencies, which is why investing in kids’ rhythm instruments is so critical. Participating in musical devices is ideal for developing fantastic motor capabilities and establishing gross motor techniques. For people with autism spectrum dysfunction, producing these motor techniques might be far more delayed than in neurotypical youngsters. That is why toys and instruments are remarkably helpful for creating these techniques.

The diverse musical instruments detailed are hugely effective for your autistic baby to build the right motor competencies, hand-eye coordination, impulse control, musical potential, and social skills.

How do rhythm devices guidance young children with autism?

Percussion instruments advantage kids with autism because these specific instruments need to have specific competencies to participate in. Percussion devices these kinds of as bells, drums, or xylophones, allow for the participant to have regulate when playing. Your child can make your mind up how substantially weight to put at the rear of, hit, or shake. This teaches them that hitting far too challenging will make a loud sound and they can come to a decision regardless of whether they like that seem or not. Not to mention percussive devices are terrific devices to create musical skill and they can be a excellent de-stressor utilized for psychological wellbeing. A lot of percussive devices are used in the course of new music therapy, and a lot of educational facilities offer you courses to study distinct rhythmic devices. This would have the included gain of escalating social conversation and increasing social skills.

According to a study by graduates of new music remedy at Ewha Women’s College in Seoul, South Korea on Dyadic Drum Taking part in and Social Capabilities: Implications for Rhythm-Mediated Intervention for Youngsters with Autism Spectrum Condition: “With regard to the social competencies of individuals with ASD, several tunes interventions have been located to make favorable results in social consideration, social engagement, initiation of social conversation and/or communicative behaviors, self-command, and emotional reciprocity.”

The instruments mentioned are entertaining to enjoy, really don’t have to be high priced, and create high-quality motor abilities and gross motor expertise. That mentioned, Autism Parenting Journal is not affiliated with or endorsing any of the items outlined below.


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Percussion instruments to consider

Audio ShapesⓇ Circle Drums

The Sound Designs circle drums are colourful drumheads best for young young ones who want to generate audio. These drums make a high-pitched sounds when struck and are easy to use. The Seem Form circle drums appear in distinctive colours and dimensions and just take up a lot less area than common drums. These circle drums are mild and uncomplicated to move about, producing it pleasurable for autistic kids to perform about the home. These drums are superior for developing hand-eye coordination and impulse command.


Handbells may possibly audio like a nightmare to purchase for a younger youngster, but these devices are really useful rhythm devices. Continue to keep in mind that handbells occur in distinctive value ranges and can be pretty expensive. Handbells for children typically appear in unique shades and make a set of 8. Handbells are great for creating rhythm, bodily coordination, and listening capabilities.


A piano or a keyboard make a well-liked percussive instrument but they can be quite expensive. That stated there are a lot of reasonably priced possibilities, primarily for kids. Quite a few children’s keyboards have fun functions, these types of as the keys lights up and earning different funny appears. A keyboard is a great gateway instrument for your little one to start out on if they want to participate in piano when they are more mature. Keyboards are fantastic for fantastic motor expertise and inspire creativeness.


The cabasa arrives in various sizes and is a picket handheld instrument. The audio of the cabasa will come from a chain of cylindrical beads wrapped about wood that when shaken, the friction of the beads against just about every other invokes a sound very similar to shakers, or if you have ever built a Diy shaker, rice in a pringles can. The cabasa is a enjoyment instrument due to the fact the beads incorporate sensation when rolled on the pores and skin. The cabasa makes use of gross motor capabilities and toughness to carry out the sound of the cabasa when shaken.

Ocean drum

An ocean drum is a favourite amid kids because of to the light seem it tends to make. The ocean drum is aptly named mainly because of the seem of the ocean it tends to make when beating the drum or bit by bit swerving the pellets all-around. The drum comes in numerous dimensions but the inches typically remain the exact same. The ocean drum is a double-sided frame drum enabling youngsters to both strike with their arms on both of those sides or they can use mallets. The pellets that are within the drum mimic the sound of the ocean and crashing waves, producing a relaxing audio of gentle white noise.


Created with wooden or plastic, castanets rely on the fingers to set strain on the two shells to come collectively to build new music. Castanets are enjoyment and inexpensive tiny instruments that appear in different enjoyable colours or with pics on them, and are simply portable. The castanets are good for supporting motor competencies by isolating many finger movements. Castanets can be a excellent instrument for self-regulation amongst autistic people.


A popular but costly percussive instrument as described prior to is the piano. If you are not hunting to fork out thousands, a melodica is a excellent children’s instrument that techniques breathing management and coordination. A melodica is a cross concerning a harmonica and a keyboard that generates fun seems young children will adore. As little ones navigate the keyboard section of the melodica, it turns into a fantastic instrument for practicing high-quality motor skills.


Xylophones are a fun and well-known instrument amongst little ones. Built out of wood, a children’s xylophone capabilities a variety of keys similar to a keyboard, other than each individual vital is a unique shade. Rather of fingers, the xylophone relies on the gross motor handle of arm movement and wrist movements to tap the mallets on the keys, producing audio.

Percussion Tubes

Percussion tubes or Boomwhackers are not broadly applied instruments, but they are particularly entertaining to perform with, and benefit both of those little ones and adults. Percussion tubes are hollow, coloration-coded tubes made out of plastic. Every tube can make a distinct observe creating a musical audio when strike or tapped versus a thing else, these kinds of as your leg or a table. Percussion tubes are a terrific instrument to choose a child’s vitality and emotions with no verbally expressing everything. Percussion tubes can be an excellent instrument to assistance gross motor growth and self-regulation.

Honorable mentions


The Ukulele is a fantastic instrument for autistic little ones, for a good deal of good reasons. The compact size tends to make it simpler to manage than a full-sized guitar, they are in a position to be played right away rather of waiting around to be tuned, and they occur in quite a few colours, creating them a fascinating instrument for young ones. The ukulele is good for practising hand-eye coordination, employing good motor capabilities when selecting at the string, and develop gross motor expertise when employing the total arm to strum.


The violin is one particular of the toughest musical instruments to discover, but the added benefits are incredible. The violin is great for sensory enhancement, enhancing coordination, and rising focus. Quite a few educational institutions provide violin classes for youngsters adding the benefit of improved social interaction. The violin could possibly be demanding to discover but when figured out it can be very gratifying and a great confidence booster.

To conclusion off

The added benefits of youngsters with autism playing musical instruments are a great deal. Rhythm instruments are common among the tunes therapists due to the fact numerous of the instruments build wonderful and gross motor abilities. Percussion devices are excellent for developing hand-eye coordination, self-regulation, and rising concentration in kids with autism. They also have the extra benefit of being exciting, raising the probability that no matter what instrument you obtain will be performed until finally you as a father or mother can’t manage the sound any longer, haha.


Ga Yeul Yoo, Su Ji Kim,(2018) Dyadic Drum Playing and Social Skills: Implications for Rhythm-Mediated Intervention for Children with Autism Spectrum Disorder. Journal of Tunes Remedy.

Kids’ Rhythm Instruments Benefits for Autistic Children

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