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November Action Steps | The Parenting Passageway

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Photo taken in Seoul, South Korea

Do you at any time sense as if the concept of owning a very simple, wholesome, peaceful loved ones lifestyle with joyful and tranquil family associates would involve so numerous factors and so lots of methods that it appears to be unattainable?

Because I started this blog in 2008, I have had the sole mission of encouraging family members locate peaceful parenting in a frantic environment. We began homeschooling mainly because we wished our small children to be healthy, so the mission of The Parenting Passageway has expanded a little above the many years to include things like the strategies of developmental parenting and health main to peace, and now I even have far more tips about basic residing and homesteading for peace and wellness considering that we have moved to our farm in 2021.

It sounds like a good deal, but it always arrives back to what is nutritious also promotes peace. If you have scaled-down youngsters, or most likely you have substantially more mature small children like me and truly feel like you have dropped your way a bit from the items that have been mainstays when your kids were being smaller. Enable me enable you narrow your aim for this thirty day period!

If you believe about the thirty day period, there is a mood to it, a topic, or seasonal arcs. To aid you determine that out for your relatives and the place you live, you can usually start with the regular anchor forms of posts that go over the festivals of the month and thoughts for performing with little ones for the month and adapt it. I have carried out this for a long time, but here is the most up-to-date just one for November 2022:

Below are some ideas for action measures:

My guidance is to get a notebook or planner and write down some of the moods, stresses, troubles, joys as you go by means of this thirty day period. It will assist you to glance back again following year and remember that October was generally insane in your family or July was endless or whatever commonly takes place for you wherever you are correct now. You cannot program forward and be proactive and lead your family if you have no notion what transpired in the earlier.

If you are concerned about health, or possibly like me you obtained into homeschooling or homesteading thanks to concerns about health and fitness in little ones, attempt some of the tips listed here: being/

This thirty day period, I am targeted on exercising 4 times a week ( I use BODI, which was formerly Beachbody on Demand from customers. No affiliation or everything, it just works for me!) and I am however making the most of juicing:

If you are worried about discipline, attempt this incredibly early put up (oldie but nevertheless a goodie!): and this a person:

If you are worried about homeschooling about the getaway year: and this a single about homeschooling in December:

Generating warmth in your residence this month:

Finally, massive angle of gratitude:

You can follow together in my tales on Instagram for some of the farm jobs this month, and bread baking. I would adore to listen to what you are up to, and if you have an IG account, be sure to drop it beneath!

Quite a few blessings to you,


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