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S1 Option Form : Strategies for Secondary Schools Chocies | The Wacky Duo

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S1 Option Form : Strategies for Secondary Schools Chocies | The Wacky Duo

It is time to select a Secondary University.

You ought to post the S1 Possibility Type by 29 Nov 3 pm for On the internet submission and 30
Nov 12 pm at the kid’s main university if submitted in person. 

Prior to you do that, you would have to put the faculty options on the sort.
Candidates have a alternative of up to 6 universities to pick out. The to start with decision is
obligatory, whilst the remaining options are optional. It is proposed to
fill up all 6 choices.

Assortment Requirements

The selection criteria are based on merit and dependent on your AL rating. Every single
school will have a Reduce Off Pint (COP) and your AL rating is as opposed in opposition to
them. Your AL rating is akin to your queue selection. For illustration, we will
use the adhering to case in point.

AL score: 12

For the range of educational facilities, those with AL 11 and below will be allotted
their colleges initial in accordance to their 6 choices if there are vacancies. Right after
that, it will be your switch to for choice. The process will assess the vacancies and
your college preference and will assess the vacancies from your school selections
sequentially. It will be allocated if there is a vacancy on your to start with selection.
Must there be a tie, the subsequent tiebreaker will choose area. 

Tie Breaker 

If students pick out the identical school with the exact AL but confined vacancies
centered on the AL rating, a tiebreaker will arise, and the pursuing regulations will

1) Citizenship

Citizenship will be future with Singapore Citizens, followed by PR and
Worldwide College students

2 ) Selection Get of Faculties

If the AL scores are tied, the choice buy of schools WILL make any difference. This is
unlike the aged T-rating program, where by school alternative will not be regarded as.

For College student A with AL 12, University COP AL 12 and place college as the Initial
alternative, the college student will get precedence above University student B with the exact same AL but
faculty choice as the Second preference.

3) Laptop or computer Ballot

In the function of a tie, they will go by way of computerised balloting to vie for
the past remaining area.

Particular Consideration  

For SAP Educational institutions – the HCL quality is the tie-breaker. 

Distinction(D) will be considered very first, followed by Merit(M) and Pass (P).

What comes about after Tie-Breaker?

If you do not get the position for the 1st decision because of to a tiebreaker, the
method will reassess dependent on your 2nd selection, and the method will be
repeated. If you get a area subsequently, congratulations. If not, you will
have to hold out until eventually the exercise is completed for the entire cohort and be
allotted a university with vacancies.

To stop this problem, it is advisable to incorporate at minimum 1 or 2 educational institutions with
a COP of 2 to 3 factors higher than the kid’s AL issue. This is in the celebration
of AL factors shifting from former several years. Although AL factors should really be secure
from year to calendar year, a shift in factors can not be dominated out.


Schools with affiliated main faculties will prioritise the primary educational institutions to
fill up to 80% of the school’s allocated slots. Thus affiliated college scoring
will differ for non-affiliated submissions. The university must be positioned as the
Very first selection to qualify for affiliation. In any other case, it will be regarded
under non-affiliated submission.

Procedures for Selecting Choice of Universities

The methods for picking a college will rely on the child’s AL rating. The
adhering to are some examples that dad and mom can contemplate.

1) Deciding on a college with COP larger than AL as the first preference

For college students who accomplished a minimal AL, this could be a approach they would use.
This technique could also be employed for any AL scores.

Proposed University Collection Example

Choice 1  COP +2
Selection 2 COP +2
Choice 3 COP +3
Preference 4
COP +3
Option 5 COP +4
Choice 6 COP +5

In this instance, The university student would most most likely get the 1st faculty choice.

2) Deciding upon a university with COP reduce than AL as the initially decision

This is a risky strategy as one particular hopes the COP of the selected university would rise
as opposed to earlier decades. It can be thought of if it is within just a -1
difference. At any time far more than that, it will most very likely be futile, and you
would waste your probabilities.

If you are heading to do that, to protected a slot, the next choice really should be 1
with COP + 1 or COP + 2 to secure a slot

Suggested Faculty Selection Example

Selection 1  COP -1
Selection 2 COP +1
Decision 3 COP +1
Alternative 4
COP +2
Choice 5 COP +3
Alternative 6 COP +4

3) Choosing a university with COP the same as AL as the 1st alternative

The chances of finding into a school would be greater than level 2. Nevertheless,
one particular would however assume balloting to come about owing to the constrained vacancies.
Even so, with faculty decision as a precedence for the tie-breaker, the chances
will be higher than technique 2. As a result, it is superior to include educational institutions with COP + 1
or COP +2 as the third or fourth selection. Steer clear of all selections with the very same COP
as AL, as you might chance not acquiring into any faculty irrespective of conference the COP.

Prompt College Range Case in point

Selection 1 COP
Option 2 COP
Decision 3 COP +1
Choice 4 COP +2
5 COP +3
Decision 6 COP +4

4) Deciding on a college with COP lessen than the To start with Selection for other

Some mother and father would choose to put the decisions as follows

Option 1 COP
Choice 2 COP 
Decision 3 COP +1
Option 4 COP
Decision 5 COP -2
Preference 6 COP -2

In our opinion, this is a squander of decisions for Decisions 4-6. In truth, these
are throwaway possibilities and will not be regarded as. For Choices 4-6, it will be
better to think about COP +1 to COP +3 as a protection internet in scenario of a shift in
COP. If you by now have a protection college ( COP +3) , by all suggests go ahead . 

COP should really not be the only factor 

For deciding on secondary colleges, it is far better to glance further than COP. Other
factors these kinds of as CCA, pupil growth programme, university society and
length should really be regarded as. Consultation with the child must be carried out
considering the fact that it will be them who will attend university for at the very least the subsequent four many years.

If you have to have some consideration, do refer to our post  ‘
How to pick out a Secondary College: Guide’ 

Great luck!

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