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Welsh UFO Sightings 1880

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Welsh UFO Sightings 1880
Welsh UFO sightings from 1880. For sightings from other years you should simply click Here.

All the instances I’ve observed for 1880 revolve all-around the alleged Marian apparitions at Llanthony Monastery. To have an understanding of why these were being straight away seen as suspect you require a little bit of context: Llanthony Monastery was run as a quasi-Benedictine Buy below Father Ignatius, a perfectly identified religious eccentric who experienced been barred from preaching in London and pressured from his curacy. His previously endeavor to eastablish a Monastery at Elm Hill in Norwich had finished in disaster, with Ignatius – Joseph Leycester Lyne (b. 1837) – owing funds all in excess of the place and the associates of the Get in many ranges of disgrace. Brother Stanislaus absconded with a 15 calendar year previous boy named Francis George Nobbs who “was claimed to have affirmed that not only had the Remarkable [Ignatius] been knowledgeable of their degeneracy, but that he had condoned and encouraged it, by carrying out on their behalf, and in his own church, a ceremony which in by itself was blasphemy and sacrilege of the most revolting sort.”

The choir grasp, Brother Augustine, disappeared right after his love letter to an additional 15-year-old boy, Samuel Hase, was located by the boy’s mother and printed in the nearby newspaper. (“From time to time on Sundays you have sat in your cassock and cotta hunting so like an angel I could have worshipped you. … Morning, midday, and evening, very little haunts me but your sweet darling deal with in my quite dreams I see it in a phrase, I am infatuated and wretched and wish sometimes I had under no circumstances witnessed you. I sense I could clasp you in my arms and never ever unfold them whilst I looked into the depths of those people sweet eyes.”) By the time Ignatius established Llanthony Monastery in a barn at Capel-y-Ffin in 1869 he, and his unsanctioned religious order, have been infamous. In May possibly 1880 the South Wales Information reported that Ignatius was trying to elevate £60,000 to recreate the grand Llanthony Abbey church. It could be found as somewhat opportune that the basis for an annual pilgrimage function need to before long existing itself…

Thursday August 30th

In the morning at c. 9:30am 20-calendar year-previous Brother Dunstan was kneeling at a prayer desk in the church saw a ‘ghostly sacrament’. (‘when he noticed the monstrance that contains the Host appear on the altar in entrance of the tabernacle doorway.’) He concluded it will have to be some kind of optical illusion. Afterwards that early morning Janet Owens, a c. 50-12 months-previous lay sister and schoolmistress from Hay, had the similar working experience but thought the Sacrament need to have been deliberately remaining out for some cause. When her check out completed at 11:00 she asked Brother Dunstan why the Sacrament was out, producing him to realise it experienced been no illusion.

Cardiff Times, 02/09/1905

Later that night, at recreation time adhering to Vespers, four young acolytes were being enjoying on the adjoining ‘Abbot’s meadow’ when at just gone eight they claimed to have observed the Virgin Mary wander towards them and disappear into a hedge. The 4 boys have been Daniel Maguire (15 and fifty percent, son of a neighbouring famer), John Evelyn Stewart (12 and 50 %, of Sheffield), Thomas Foord (11, of Brighton), and Joseph Chalkley (9, of London).

South Wales Daily News, 13/09/1880

The boys wrote letters confirming what they had seen:

Johnny Stewart, a person of the boys, attended the 1881 yearly commemoration and Ignatius preached:

“As in the olden time, when God wanted a prophet, and selected just one in tiny Samuel, he experienced now chosen a single in this position in Johnny Stewart, the boy who sat before him, who was a witness of the apparition of the Blessed Virgin, and who, as a result, posseted the evidence that the agnostics preferred. And, so, when God preferred to speak to the atheists of Franoe, he selected a witness in a very little lady about 11 several years of age. Why this was so we could not determine, but God realized his individual business enterprise finest. There was very little distinct about that boy that he realized of for which he should be selected by God as a witness except that he was a monastery boy, usually turning his heart in the direction of God, but in a wholesome body of mind and system. The visions could be no extravagant of his, for it was witnessed by eight witnesses—by himself (Father Ignatius) among them.”

Saturday September 4th

Users of the local community congregated in close proximity to the hedge exactly where a eyesight of the Virgin Mary had been found on August 30th and sang Ave Maria. The Virgin once more appeared, this time accompanied by “a man unclothed save for a fabric about the loins.” The pair then vanished.

Later a potion was ready from the leaves of a rhubarb plant expanding at this position of the hedge which was reported to be in a position to mend several ills.

Wednesday September 8th

Brother George reported “I have seen the figure distinctly 2 times at the opening of the hedge.” Sister Janet Owens mentioned “I have witnessed the figure, way too, distinctly more than the inexperienced gates.” Brother George’s shouting alerted Brother Dunstan who was trimming the lamps for Compline. Dunstan explained to newspaper reporters (South Wales Daily Information, 31/08/1882)

“I then appeared and noticed it in an specific line with the place I experienced noticed it on the prior Saturday night. We knelt in about the same spot as before. It was incredibly dim. The hedge was entirely dark. Each and every now and then even though we ended up singing a dazzling star would twinkle in the hedge, and then tumble to the ground. We ongoing singing aves. I saw shadowy figures passing to and fro in the hedge. The light was really pale, not bright at all. This stored in for a long time. The grass was lit up in entrance of me. I had a headache. One thing touched my head, and the headache was gone. As on Sunday night time, the grass was dry in which we knelt, but damp just about everywhere else. I noticed the hedge lit up on the next Saturday night but I could not go out.”

Brother George additional: “Staying extremely nervous to see the vision, I went into the meadow with Brother Dunstan and the boys. We sang an ave. I saw a gentle it was incredibly bright. It seemed to fill the bush. There ended up quite a few lights some burst in the center of the hedge, some previously mentioned it. I noticed two figures, male and feminine. The woman figure was draped in white the male had waht appeared to be a fabric round the loins. The male figure held out its fingers the woman figure experienced its arms crossed on the breast. I could not see the characteristics of both. The male reminded me of the photograph of our Lord in His baptism the female of paintings of the Blessed Virgin. The male determine state-of-the-art to the female determine, and as they satisfied they vanished.”

September 15th

4 different men and women noticed “the whole heavens and mountains break forth in bulging circles of light, circles pushing out from circles – the mild poured upon our faces and the properties where we stood, and in the central circle stood a most Majestic Heavenly Variety, robed in flowing material. The Variety was gigantic, but appeared to be minimized to human dimensions as it approached. The Determine stood sideways, struggling with the Holy Bush. The Eyesight was most distinctive and the particulars ended up quite obvious but it was long gone ‘in the twinkling of an eye’. … A several minutes just after this Mr. E from Oxford and 1 of the boys, noticed the shadowy form of the Blessed Virgin in light, by the enclosure gate with uplifted palms. This is the very last of the visions vouchsafed by God’s mercy to us.”

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