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What Support is Available in Wales for Families Who Have Experienced Baby Loss?

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What Support is Available in Wales for Families Who Have Experienced Baby Loss?

A stillbirth can be devastating for both parents, as well family members. Below we’ll take a look at different organisations in Wales that provide support for anyone in need…

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For any family that is expecting a baby, there is nothing more devastating than a stillbirth. Baby loss can affect any family however, there is support available for anyone who finds themselves in this devastating position.

We understand that losing a baby can be an emotionally traumatic experience, which is why we’ve put together a list of options for families in the Wales area who need support after having to deal with baby loss or stillbirth negligence.

Keep reading to find out more about the support options available in Wales….

What is Stillbirth?

Stillbirth is generally defined as the death or loss of the baby either before or during the delivery process. It is common for stillbirth to be categorised in the same way as a miscarriage, but the two differ in regard to when the death takes place.

A miscarriage is a term used to describe to be the loss of the baby within the first 20 weeks of pregnancy, whereas a stillbirth is anything which takes place after that. Broadly speaking, there are three different types of stillbirths – early, late and term.

An early stillbirth is when the death takes place between 20 and 27 weeks of the pregnancy. A late stillbirth is anywhere between 28 and 36 weeks, and a term stillbirth is anywhere from 37 weeks up to the delivery.

The impact that stillbirth can have on a family is substantial. It is normal to experience profound grief, anger, anxiety, and discomfort. in the aftermath, it is also common for some women to experience mental health issues such as depression and PTSD.

Image by Anemone123 from Pixabay

What Services are Available in Wales for Baby Loss?

For any family that experiences the tragedy of a stillbirth, there are services operating across the Wales area that can help. We’ll be looking at some of them here…

2 Wish Upon a Star

2 Wish Upon a Star can provide immediate support for the unexpected death of a child and also specialise in helping when young people who have passed suddenly. They can provide telephone support and home visits for as long as is needed to make sure that home life continues as normally as possible.

Aching Arms

Aching Arms is a charity that provides comfort bears to hospitals and hospices, for midwives and nurses to offer bereaved parents in their care. They also offer a support service to parents after their loss, whether it was during pregnancy, at birth or soon after.

Bro Morgannwg Baby Loss Support Group

The Bro Morgannwg Baby Loss Support Group exists to provide a safe space for mothers who have lost a pregnancy and want to seek the support of other people that have been in the same unique position. As a charity, they provide support to families and host meetings for mothers.

Other Support

There is obviously a wealth of other support options available for families experiencing the loss of a child. The NHS offers funded therapy and support, and there is also a wealth of private therapists located around Wales who can offer support.

Baby Loss Support in Wales

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Dealing with the loss of a child due to stillbirth is one of the hardest things a mother, father, and family may have to experience in their lifetimes. It is something that is hard to face alone, so it is, therefore, advisable to seek professional support from a therapist or charity.

Please do not hesitate to seek out the necessary help and support to process your emotions in a safe, healthy way.

Please be advised that this article is for general informational purposes only, and should not be used as a substitute for advice from a trained legal professional. Be sure to consult a medical negligence lawyer/solicitor if you’re seeking advice on stillbirth negligence. We are not liable for risks or issues associated with using or acting upon the information on this site.


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