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Why Christians Must Care about Politics

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Why Christians Must Care about Politics

There are several things additional controversial than regardless of whether Christians ought to be associated with politics, and if so, to what diploma and how that involvement must take place. In this episode, I crack down two basic premises for contemplating well about this subject matter:

1. Christians have the proper, politically talking, to advocate for our views in the general public sq..

2. Christians have the calling, spiritually talking, to advocate for the good of other individuals.

I then answer to 7 prevalent objections to Christian political involvement. These (errant) ideas are sad to say found during Pastor Andy Stanley’s new reserve, Not In It to Get It, so I use rates from that guide as a circumstance research to exhibit the issues with such wondering. (To be very clear, these are difficulties I believe that there are with what he wrote, not challenges he is presenting.)

The objections to involvement that I tackle are:

1. People never like the church when we focus on politics.

2. Neither bash signifies Christianity, so Christians should not be recognized to be affiliated with a distinct occasion.

3. You can’t change people’s hearts by changing legislation.

4. Country changing was not component of Jesus’s mission, so it should not be portion of ours.

5. In “fighting” for our legal rights, we’re not putting other individuals 1st.

6. Politics develop division and division is the enemy.

7. Politically anxious Christians just want to “get our way” or achieve “power.”

There ARE unhealthy mixes of religion and politics, but that is not the matter of this episode (although I do admit those a bit as I tackle the higher than points). My function below is to handle those who are cautioning Christians to continue to be out of politics in important ways. I imagine that is a grave oversight.

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