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Top 70 Names That Means Fast For Boys And Girls

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Are you at the stage where you have to name your baby? Do you want something that means Fast, quick, or swift? I mean names that mean fast…..Then you’re at the right place.


When you think of a name that means fast, some of the trendy names might cross your thoughts, such as Suri and Nyke. These names define quickness and fast thing.

Some parents want to choose a name that means fast for crazy reasons, such as the babies being born fast or parents wanting them to grow up quickly.

Factors To Select The Baby Name

Baby names

Apart from this, parents consider many other factors while selecting the best names for their newcomers in the family.

Factors such as below:

  • The name should be easy to pronounce.
  • It must sound unique.
  • The name may connect with the family or history, some place or person.
  • The name might have some traditions attached to it.
  • Or it represents some unique characteristics of that child or parents.

Names That Mean Fast


So, we will look at some of the best names that fall under the category of unique characteristics – Fast.

If you are looking for some unique names that mean fast for your newborns, either a baby girl or a baby boy, you will find a huge list here, along with their meanings.

Whose name means fast or quick?

Aayan “the name means fast or quick.

What names mean strong and fast?

Talon is the name which means both strong and fast.

What is speedy name?

Roy Harper Jr is the original Speedy’s real name.

What kind of name is quick?

English German and Dutch: nickname for a lively or agile person from Middle English quik Middle High German quick Middle Dutch quic ‘alive lively fresh nimble vigorous’. English: habitational name either from Quick in Saddleworth (Yorkshire). Source

Is quickly a name?

The real meaning of Quickly is: King Henry IV, Part 1 and 2′ Mistress Quickly, hostess of the Boar’s Head in Eastcheap in Shakespearean Baby Names. Source

What name means super strong?

Andrew means “strong” and “manly.”

What name stands for power?

Names such as:

  • Andrew
  • Everett
  • Ezekiel
  • Harvey
  • Zane

Is Speedy a boy or girl?

Speedy is a ♂ boy’s name.

What name means fast learner?


Is there a word fastly?

Fast is one of a category of adjectives that double as adverbs without requiring the -ly ending. Source

Boy Names That Mean Fast

cute baby

Let us first start with the baby boy names that mean fast:

  • Ari – This name has its origin from Hebrew; the name has been derived from the word “ariy” meaning lion.
  • Altar – This is a very unusual and rare name from Arab, which means a flying eagle, and we all know how swift eagles are in flying.
  • Aayan/ Ayan: It’s a Hindu name derived from the Sanskrit language. The meaning of the name is the one who is a fast and quick decision-maker.
  • Ryker or Riker: The name means someone who is becoming wealthy at a faster pace. The name has been traditionally derived from Germany.
  • Sherwin or Sherwyn: A famous British name that means a boy who runs very fast and is also very brilliant.
  • Xun or Hsun: This name is of Chinese origin, which means speedy boy.
  • Daytona: This name has its roots in America. The name denotes rapidness. A car race named after Daytona – Daytona 500 signifies quickness.
  • Talon or Tallen: This name is derived from French, Irish and English people.
  • Tu: it’s very simple, has one-word pronunciation and came from Vietnam. It means speed and intelligence.
  • Aklesh: This is again an Indian name derived from the Sanskrit Language that means the swift lord.

Please find more names in the below table for your lovely baby boy:

Busby Celerino Chapal
Citino Dahy Dash
Guayra Hayato Tobikuma
Wilny Raghu/Ragu Remus

Girls’ Names That Mean Fast

Cute Baby Girl

What girl name means speed? Let us have a look at the baby girl’s name, which means fast, speedy, and quick:

  • Diana/ Dianna: A swift and beautiful girl, a goddess of beauty and swiftness.
  • Achira is a Latin name that means alertness, promptness, and quickness.
  • Asvini/ Ashwini: It has deep roots in the Sanskrit language, which means the practically fast one.
  • Apace: This name is again from Latin, which means the ability to adapt quickly.
  • Haya: This Hebrew name means elegant, lively, and swift.
  • Kohana is a famous Hawaiian name that means a quick learner and defines the characteristics of the child or a parent.
  • Aya: Beautiful three-letter Hebrew word, and easy to call your baby with, means “fly swiftly.”
  • Selin: This is a Turkish name that means gorgeous little girl, meaning “fast-flowing stream.”
  • Toshiko: It’s a nice name derived from Japan. It is made up of two words, Toshi and Ko, in which Toshi means quick and Ko means child.
  • Javistha: It’s a long name but has a deep meaning. It means the ambitious one reacts quickly and makes any decision quickly.

Please find more names in the below table for your lovely baby girl:

Fleet/ Fleta/ Fltya Gijima – A fast runner Mehira/ Maira
Merlene Stella Advija
Rewa Suri Abel
Trentin Hayano Min-jin


Welcoming Baby

These above were the few selected names for the baby boys and girls; you may look out for more on various name books, Bible, Hindu Scriptures, etc.

The names that mean fast define your child’s personality trait and thus should be selected very carefully as many names have the meaning fast but have some other meaning or are attached to something else.

For example, some names mean a fast-flowing river; you may want to skip the river part, so choose accordingly—all the best in selecting the best name for your baby.

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