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Gift Guide 2022: Best books to gift | Books And Reviews

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Gift Guide 2022: Best books to gift | Books And Reviews

Books make for a wonderful present, whether the recipient is into cooking, biographies, sports, video games, and more. Here are some of the best books to gift this holiday season.

The 2023 edition of the Guinness Book of World Records takes readers on a journey that’s out of this world, revealing the latest and greatest record-breaking achievements here on Earth and across the vast distances of space. A wonderful book for all ages, and something that will become a collectible in the future.

A Ballet of Lepers: A Novel and Stories offers an unprecedented glimpse into the formation of the legendary talent of Leonard Cohen. In A Ballet of Lepers, readers will discover that the magic that animated Cohen’s unforgettable body of work was present from the very beginning. The pieces in this collection offer startling insight into Cohen’s imagination and creative process, and explore themes that would permeate his later work.

The Series: What I Remember, What It Felt Like, What It Feels Like Now by Ken Dryden is the new book by the Hall of Fame goalie and bestselling author. It celebrates the 50th anniversary of the 1972 Summit Series that is considered one of the most important moments in hockey history. Dryden says it changed the game, on the ice and off, everywhere in the world, and became one of the most significant events in all of Canada’s history.

The Trapped In A Video Game series is a fantastic collection for chapter readers who love both books and video games. Getting sucked into a video game is not as much fun as you’d think – there might be jetpacks, hover tanks, and infinite lives, but what happens when the game starts to turn on you? In this best-selling series, 12-year-old Jesse Rigsby finds out just how dangerous video games – and the people making those games – can be.

Down And Out In Paradise: The Life Of Anthony Bourdain is the first book to tell the true and full Bourdain story, relating the highs and lows of an extraordinary life. Author Charles Leerhsen shows how Bourdain’s never-before-reported childhood traumas fueled both his creativity and the insecurities that would lead him to a place of despair.

The Lonely Planet guides are must-have travel books for anyone who loves the sport of globetrotting. Whether you’re buying a gift for someone who has a specific destination in mind, or a wanderlust that flies by the seat of their pants, there’s a Lonely Planet book designed specifically for them.

And while you’re curled up with a great book, be sure to have a Glade candle or plug-in nearby. Their incredible scents for the holiday season are warm, inviting, and homey, including Apple of my Pie, Snow Much Fun, and Pine Wonderland, to name just a few.

– Jennifer Cox

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