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The Right Ways to Massage a Baby

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Infant massage has been a popular practice for generations among parents and newborns. There is also a ton of evidence to support the advantages; studies have connected infant massage to better non-verbal communication, stress reduction, healthy brain and physical development, and more. In summary, including infant massage in your daily caregiving practice can have a significant positive impact. Here are some baby massage techniques you can use on your child on a regular basis.

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Massaging a Baby’s Tummy

IAIM claims that massaging a baby’s stomach can help relieve digestive problems like gas and constipation, lessen colic symptoms, and promote healthy digestion. The best approach for parents is provided here.

  1. Position your hand such that the edge of your pinky may glide across the tummy of your infant like a paddle. Stroke down in a paddle-wheel action with one hand at a time, beginning at the base of the rib cage.
  2. Use your fingertips to rub the abdomen in a clockwise, circular manner.
  3. Perform the “I Love You” stroke by drawing the letter I along your infant’s left side. Then, make an inverted L shape by tracing your hand across your stomach from right to left and down, along the base of your ribs. From low on the infant’s right side, trace an inverted U motion up and around the navel before moving down the left side.


Massaging a Baby’s Chest

When a baby has a cough, cold, or respiratory illness, massaging their chest with a healing oil may help ease their symptoms. A chest massage can enhance breathing patterns and lung health in healthy newborns as well. If they are ill, speak to your child’s doctor before massaging their chest.

  1. Place both hands on your child’s chest and rub his or her chest from sternum to shoulders.
  2. Trace a heart shape starting at the chest, moving both hands up to the shoulders, down, and back together.
  3. Stroke diagonally from one side of your baby’s hip, up and over the other shoulder, and then back down to the hip in a crisscross pattern.


Massaging a Baby’s Legs

Even though your infant may not yet be able to walk, a little leg massage can nevertheless help relieve stress and encourage calm.

  1. Raise one of your infant’s legs by the ankle and gently tap the top of the thigh to relax it.
  2. With your other hand, form a C-shape around your baby’s upper thigh while holding the ankle with the other. From the thigh to the foot, make a stroke.
  3. Wringing a towel-like motion with both hands spinning in opposing directions while holding the leg at the thigh with one hand directly over the other.
  4. From the heel to the toes, massage the sole of the foot using a thumb-over-thumb motion.
  5. From the heel to the toes, massage the bottom of the foot with your entire hand.
  6. Gently rub your foot’s top. Gently pull and pinch each toe.
  7. Apply gentle circular motions as you massage the ankle.
  8. As if you were rolling out dough, roll the leg between your hands.


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